Excalibur Exploration, Inc. is flexible enough to meet the immediate needs of our investors, constructing
deals especially designed to an individual's tax scenario. Excalibur Exploration has arranged for Limited
Partnerships, General Partnerships, Functional Allocations, and Co-Ownership Joint Ventures to fund
programs over the years, and each has met with great success.

We understand that private investors are not always able or willing to take the large risks associated with
exploratory drilling, but would, however, appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the record high gas
prices that exist today. Hence, Excalibur is drilling a few developmental Clinton Sandstone wells each year
in known established fields in Ohio. These joint venture partnerships offer low risk opportunities that still
carry significant tax shelters. The United States has never experienced such a great need for developing its
own natural resources as it does today, and investing in oil and gas wells provides an excellent opportunity to
show support for your country and it's future.
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